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artbook up for grabs

so i made a bunch of 'art books' (essentially scans and prints of my sketchbook from last year) that i would be willing to mail out/sell if any of you are interested?

The book is 40 pages long and 8.5 x 5.5 inches in size. As you can see from the photos, it's also a full color book. The paper isn't the highest quality, nor is the binding, but I'm poor and this was the best I could do without spending tons of blings. Depending on how well this goes, I might print and bind my next book for this year in a fashion that is slightly less ghetto.

The price is $10 per book including S&H.
Email your addresses to doctajATgmail.com

Get your orders in before I head out to the post office on Friday and I'll ship it this Friday afternoon.
After Friday, I'm heading off to China and won't be back until some time in January.

Oh, before I forget, here's my paypal:
shipping and handling is expensive!


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j, i'll buy from you. deets pleaze.

RYAN. SORRY FOR DELAYYY. I AM SENDING YOURS OUT TOMORROWWWWW. anything else you want to go with it?!?

i was wondering what happened to that

ummm if you haven't sent it out already i would like


i don't know??? surprise me ????

hey i want some but my checkbook is over at georgia and i dont get back until january 2nd.


I thought this day would never come. I'd love one if you still have some left <3

SORRY FOR TAKING SO LONG TO GET BACK TO YOU! i just got back from china... you think you could email me your mailing address??

but how to get or pay u or??????

SORRY FOR TAKING SO LONG TO GET BACKKKK. Can you email me your mailing address??

CAN U EMAIL ME YOUR MAILING ADDRESS PLZZZ. just getting back to this now as china BLOX THE LIVE JOURNAL lolll

Would you ship to europe too - And how much would S&H be..?

heyyy! I'm sooo sorry it took so long to get back to youuu. i can totally ship anywhereeee, just email me your mailing address and i'll send you a copyyy. Don't really know what S&H would be? I'll check?

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
THANKS! HOW WAS UR VACATIONS?!?!?! my entire family got sick in chinkland lololol :<. i'm mailing yours out TOMORROWWWWWW. MMK!?!?

I would LOVE one if you have any left......!?!? (am I too late?!)

SO FAR I STILL HAVE SOME. can you email me your mailing address???

oh so rad TAT)b no i'm not here to buy one *gets kicked in the face. but i'm still working on your scarf rofl. i didn't know you update your LJ.. til now ♥

Ju! Not sure if you remember me... I used to go by the name "z3ro"! or digital-z3ro on DA and LJ. anyway, it's been a while! good to see you're still active. this is my new LJ, thought'd i'd add you! i'll check out your site now!!! glad to see you're still doing art! hopefully you will like my newer stuff. my older stuff was super weak. i think i've gotten a bit better. anyway! nice art books! i really like the raw feel it gives the mixed medium look is really cool.


wth i like the bottom sample one hahaha

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