i don't understand what is up with these lolcats???


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Oh man I love what you've done here, it really captures the mood of the story.

(it's def my favourite story out of the elephant vanishes)

it's my favorite too! i was like wtfh is even going on when i read the one about the little green men and the tv people...

Oh wow. Everything in the picture's perfect...

I was a couple of feet away from meeting that guy. *sigh*

The power of pictures

fff this summarises the whole story perfectly, that fleeting moment. <333

Would you stab me if I said I met Murakami?

He taught at UHM for a year.

o damn, he speaks english?? did you take a class with him?? that sounds pretty awesoma

do you scan your own textures?

dude, i'm too lazy to scan my own drawings. i steal textures from friends and places on the interwebs all the time

I absolutely adore Murakami.

i love how you used the same colours for the girl and the light streaming on the building (behind the guy). at least, that's how i interpret it. love purple :D

lol i wanted to make her shirt white but was worried that a pure white like the sky might be too jarring with the shadow and all? so that's why it's like an off-white purple-y haha.

ggeee.. if i dun. but i wanna know more about murakami..
it'd be a future tense then. cos im gonna go FIND OUT.

love ur art.

oh my god
my fav story from the elephant vanishes (which i'm still struggling through)
this makes me so happy happy happyyyy you are so amazing ♥

man i still haven't finished elephant vanishes yet... it's funny because i have actually never read any of his short stories until i read 100% perfect girl and was like, damnnn MUST GET HIS OTHER SHORT STORIES. ;D;b

LOL THAT GUY IS A CREEP haha jk wth is murakami

BUTTT frickkk I really like this drawing?! Like the way you drew the buildings and alllll

YOU ARE A HOBAG. haruki murakami that guy who writes stories and stuff. things like... windup bird chronicles, kafka on the shore, norwegian wood, sputnik sweetheart, to name a few.


You are my hero doctaj.

I may be tempted to make graphics of your amazing, amazing, amazing, amazing art. Permission? (totes understand if you say no)

you can go ahead and do whatever? as long as it looks BADASSED in the end lol

i love this drawing; i love murakami. seriously i gotta go read or draw or do something right now because this is just so great.

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