i don't understand what is up with these lolcats???


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still alive!
angry old man

Hello ppl of the interwebs! It has been forever since I have updated the LJ. I currently am on blogger, tumblr, and of all retarded shit... twitter. you can follow me thar as I update there way the hell more.

ANYWAY. here is a giant dump of crap that has been posted everywhere but here:

In terms of other projects and stuff.... My good buddy and I have started a toy company called TOTALLY RAD TOYS.

We currently only have 2 items on offer but have plenty more to come and we will be previewing our offers on our studio blog, please check it out and help us and the people suffering all sorts of natural disasters as we are donating a portion of the proceeds to the red cross. Our store is at: totallyradtoys.etsy.com

I will try to update this blog with more than one post per year, but in the meantime I do "more regularly" update blogger and tumblr. Pce outside!

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Yes girl, I love it all! Especially that Chairman Mao and your Sesame St interstitials.

Also you have got life drawing skillzzzzzzz.

Arrgg you're still as wonderful as ever!

Is the Lord of the Flies cover for anything in particular, or is it a self-promo work? A friend of mine is putting together a zine of illustrated book covers if you'd like to submit to it!

Your work is lovely as always! I realllly loved the Sesame Street stuff, especially the frog!

aah you just set me on fire with these sketchbookings! gotta go draw! also i followed you on tumblr and blogger because i think you are great.
some of your b/w stuff, especially that bit with the pokemons really reminds me of zak smith's drawings: http://www.zaxart.com/sketchbook/


wow! what a treat! loving the art :-) so glad i checked your lj today ha ha ha

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